Friday, December 22, 2006

It's A Man's Life

... in the British Navy!

Back from the vet. Dr. Amanda took care of LarryElvis, this morning. She was young, cute. So was the assistant! Dang.

Dx: He might live.

Naw, I'm jackin' ya -- he ought to live, and live well for years to come. She said he seems healthy and well-developed for his age, and that he may be a little closer to 1 year than 8 months. Probably viral -- very bad head cold, and a likely secondary bacterial infection, possibly due to the swipe he got on the nose at Nashville Humane (cat claws are breeding grounds for bacteria). The concern is that his temperature was 104.7; normal is 101.5, +/- 1 degree F. So, he got a shot of antibiotic, and he got the aforementioned Clavamox drops, too. And, he got a kitten care start kit (that was probably $30, right?).


Shit, I didn't need THAT hit. Oh well. What're ya gonna do? Let the li'l snot factory continue? No way, Jose.

LarryElvis has done something that Curly has not -- ride the Chinese Death Machine! He's now made a 1.5mi. trip from NHA to home, a 3mi. trip to the vet; a 3mi. trip, back home. And, the fuckin' CDM died on me, twice, coming home. I can't wait until payday.