Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Little Projects To Keep Me Off The Streets

 The mad laboratory for SCIENCE!  She blinded me with SCIENCE!

Sharpie on the peel-able translucent coating, to center up Solar LED Unit #1 on the 8"x10" Lexan panel, and using something that smells (and acts!) just like Tester's model airplane glue to make the bond. Damn, I'm age 12, again!

What the Finished Project looked like last night around 10:00. Only six of the eleven units are charged enough to be lit, now, but that's okay!

In charging mode, this afternoon, in the bathroom window, which faces west. Charge!

Shedding MAJOR photons, tonight!

"Closet" (such as it is in the farmhaus) re-org. L to R: proper hanging rod, $8 (DollarGen), hangars (6/$1, Dollar Tree), shirts (mostly Goodwill t-shirts, @ $3/ea), hanging closet organizer, $4.95 (Aldi), belt, $8 (DollarGen), Chino by Air-Tex canvas bag I use to haul laundry around, used as hamper in its present configuration, $0 (gift from a generous Atriot!).

Tuesday & Wednesday were good, productive days. It takes so little to make me happy.  :)