Wednesday, July 23, 2014

What He Eats, Now

Canned goods and carbs. The angel hair hasn't been touched in a month or more. Everything you see in this frame came from Aldi, 'cept for the 2lb. bag of brown rice. Publix had a better deal on it. While I was there, I overpaid for garlic powder and chili powder, dumbass that I am.

The 'fridge!  Lookit -- non-fat yog, cottage cheese, cold-ass tap water, low-sodium organic chikn stock, cheese, lunchmeats, bacon, tuna, peaches, cat food (w/lid, heh), crushed 'maters, hummus, mustards, eggies, marinades, sauces, salsas, dressing, more fruit and Parmesan. Freezer has mixed veggies (after being alarmed at the sodium content of the canned varieties), green beans, corn, peas, 3lbs of chikn breasts, bought fresh. Everything in the 'fridge 'cept the cat food (DollarGen) came from Aldi. Everything in the freezer 'cept the mixed veggies (also DollarGen) came from Aldi.

Dinner tonight, yo. With garlic & onion powder, and Parmesan. 112 calories, and very little sodium. Dessert was two 6oz. servings of Aldi non-fat yogurt, peach and blueberry. Helluva meal, IMO.